Xenograft models, at present, are based on the cultured human cells line. Tumor can be very dangerous and can be very painful. Tumor can be pancreatic or it can be on other organ parts. New xenograft models can reduce the effect of a tumour since it adequate supply of nutrients to the tumor tissue. The cancer tissue xenograft and transplantable tumor lines derived from those type of xenograft are very similar to the donor tissues and they have the same genetic and epigenetic characteristics and also same in the case of drugs used on them to some extent. In a research, it is found that patient derived xenograft can be used for the therapy of cancer. It is a boon for the patients suffering from these multiple disease as the xenograft derived from them have no such problems related to infection and this treatment can work very efficiently on the patients. Xenograft can be derived from other means such as pigs. This xenograft also works on for the treatment of some diseases but patient derived xenograft is preferable for the treatment. The new xenografting technology helps to develop new generation of patient derived cancer models.


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