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  • GLP Bioanalytical Assays

    GLP Bioanalytical Assays

    By combining 20 years of method development and validation experience and advance instrumentation, BRI supports clinical PK, pre-clinical TK/PK, rapid PK screening and BA/BE studies through automation using Thermo Scientific Watson (LIMS). Every assay is validated based on a protocol-driven…

  • In Vitro Drug Metabolism & ADME

    In Vitro Drug Metabolism & ADME

    The use of in vitro assays to define drug metabolism in animals and humans prior to in vivo studies is a pivotal step in defining the drug-like properties of new drug candidates. BRI provides in vitro drug candidate metabolism screening, metabolite characterization, induction, inhibition and ADMET…

  • In Vivo Drug Metabolism & ADME

    In Vivo Drug Metabolism & ADME

    In addition to traditional mouse PK studies, BRI also offers dried blood spot (DBS) sampling technique to allow  serial sampling collection of whole blood from a mouse over the entire PK profile. The same technique also applies in xenograft mouse…

  • Formulation Development, DS/DP Stability and Analytical CMC Assays

    Formulation Development, DS/DP Stability and Analytical CMC Assays

    BRI offers a variety of analytical chemistry assays supporting API/clinical product quality control and IND-enabling stability studies conducted in conformance to GMP and ICH requirements. QUALITY CONTROL IND-Enabling API / Clinical Product Quality Control Assays – Manufacturing specification release assays – Complementary LC/MS, HPLC and GC…

  • Cancer Drug Candidate Development

    Cancer Drug Candidate Development

    Led by a group of expert scientists, BRI involves in the following areas of cancer drug discovery and development activities: – Cancer molecular target genetic screening – Cancer cell biology and pharmacology – Patient-derived orthotopic subrenal capsule xenograft mouse model development – Unique…